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Monday, 13 July 2020 06:38

Lessons from the nature: Living life mindfully

Written by Shriya Vashisht
Lessons from the nature: Living life mindfully
I have always been enamored by the beauty of the sea…It’s vastness, magnitude and openness.

There are so many things we can learn from the beauty of the sea,

Every time I look at the sea it takes away my stresses, worries and tensions, it’s always opening its arms to embrace our worries and tensions in its arms.

Knowledge is like an ocean, we are always learning and absorbing every day but its so vast and wide. It’s never enough…We can learn something every day and still have so much more…

Sea teaches us Resilience and that we should be able to bounce back. How each wave resounds and reverberates joys and happiness as it comes up and then recedes to where it belonged, it signifies life too has ups and down...

When the weather is perfect the sea is so calm and tranquil, it sits quietly you can almost see everything inside if you are on the shore. On a good day we too can be as calm and poised, the result is a clear thought process and a calm you spreading peace everywhere you go.

But the best part it teaches us is that everything is temporary, a stormy weather goes away, the high tides go away and welcome a bright and beautiful day, again a calm and tranquil sea… There has to be a beautiful day after a challenging day…Let it pass and get ready for it…

The other great way to experience the environment is amidst nature.

Walking amidst nature is healing. Just spending some time out in nature can provide the much-required break for your eyes and mind.

Research has found that regular exercise in natural settings helps to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Some of the ways that can enjoy the beauty of nature is to really appreciate and grateful to the environment around us.
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